Chesapeake PETS 2016 was a huge success!  Over 200 Presidents-Elect from Districts 7600, 7610, 7620 and 7630 attended, along with leadership from each district and outstanding Rotary International speakers.

For the first time ever, Presidents-Nominee (who will lead their clubs in 2017-2018) had a one-day seminar led by PDG Eric Grubb of D7620. They got an overview of leadership principles, club finances, running the club, District administration and The Rotary Foundation. They also were able to join PEs to head Rotary International President-Elect John Germ speak at the Saturday luncheon.

Another “first” for Chesapeake PETS was a one-on-one interview with RIPE John, which was taped and will be distributed to each District for use by clubs. It is 23 minutes in length, so perfect for a club program. Each District nominated one PE to be considered as the “interviewer” with RIPE John, using questions which had been developed by the District Governors-Elect. Diana Gulotta, PE of the Virginia Peninsula club D600 was chosen.

Other RI speakers were Past Rotary Director John Smarge and Joe Mulkerrin of D7600, who is a Rotary Director-Elect.

The entire agenda for C-PETS, bios on the speakers, other PETS information will remain on the C-PETS site for a few more weeks.  Shortly a link will be provided to photographs taken during the event.

Interview With Rotary International President 2016-2017: John Germ


Plenary Session: 2010-2012 RID Zone 33-34, John Smarge

Part 1

Part 2


Plenary Session: 2017-2019 RIDE Zone 33-34 Joe Mulkerrin


Plenary Session: RIPE John Germ