Considerations for Presidents-Elect

Club Administration

  • Have you reviewed your club’s constitution and bylaws and what should you know about these documents before taking office?
  • How do you amend the recommended club bylaws?
  • What are the key things you can o to help ensure that your club is financially healthy and honoring the club budget?
  • How will you ensure “buy-in” from your members on club goals?
  • What reporting duties do you have to Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and the District?
  • What happens if your club fails to meet these requirements?
  • What meetings must you plan for and promote during the year?
  • How will you plan your club assemblies and what will you discuss?
  • How will you prepare for the Governor’s official visit?

Service Projects

  • What are the basic elements of a successful project?
  • How will you evaluate your club’s current service projects and why is this important?
  • How do you determine the needs of the community?
  • How can you plan projects that support the Object of Rotary?
  • How would you build a consensus among your members for a service project of projects of interest to them?
  • How can your club become involved in an international service project?
  • Has your club conducted any successful service projects in partnership with other Rotary clubs?
  • Was the partnership successful? Why? How?
  • How do you evaluate the effectiveness of club projects?

Membership Attraction and Development

  • How will you assess your club’s current membership numbers, diversity and classifications?
  • What characteristics define an outstanding membership chair?
  • What are some of your club’s membership successes and challenges?
  • Why is it important to recruit new members?
  • What are some of the key elements of an effective orientation program?
  • What steps can your club take to retain members?
  • What steps can your club take to attract new members?
  • How is your club actively working to achieve diverse membership?
  • How can you determine and measure how well your club is meeting the needs to its members?

The Rotary Foundation

  • The Rotary Foundation operates on an international sale. What does this mean to your club? How does it benefit your club?
  • What are the “Two Needs-Two Ways of Giving,” and what does “Every Rotarian Every Year” mean to you and your club?
  • What is your club’s history of supporting The Rotary Foundation?
  • What is SHARE and how does it work?
  • What are the programs of The Rotary Foundation and how is your club participating in these programs?
  • How can you involve Rotary Alumni in your club activities and programs?
  • What resources are available to you on The Rotary Foundation?