Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chesapeake PETS?

Chesapeake PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar) serves all of the clubs in four districts surrounding the Chesapeake Bay (two in Virginia-7600 and 7610; one in Western Maryland/District of Columbia-7620, and one in Eastern Maryland/Delaware-7630) with more than 200 clubs.
A unique learning opportunity is presented by Chesapeake PETS, which is specifically designed to provide incoming Presidents the necessary skills, knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm to lead effective Rotary clubs. The two-day training brings together over 300 participants, including incoming Assistant Governors and Governors-Nominee, who attend sessions designed specifically for them.

 Chesapeake PETS offers informative workshops led by experienced facilitators, detailed district training sessions specific to each district and led by the Governors-Elect. There are outstanding speakers and ample opportunity for fun, fellowship, networking and the chance to learn from others who will lead their clubs in the new Rotary year.

Workshops are offered to groups of 15-20 Presidents-Elect, based on their cub size whenever possible. This format allows open and candid sharing of knowledge and ideas on the presentation.

Who Should Attend Chesapeake PETS?

Every incoming Rotary club president is required to attend a PETS session in its entirety during the six months prior to taking office, according to the Rotary International Manual of Procedure, 2016. Chesapeake PETS is planned for Presidents-Elect in Districts 7600, 7610, 7620 and 7630, although those from other districts also may attend.   

What if I have a Conflict with the Dates of Chesapeake PETS? 

A District Governor-Elect (DGE) can suggest another PETS event nearby.

Other Questions? 

Consult your District leadership with questions or concerns. We’re glad to add additional Q&As here if/as we are notified.